1 Watt Audio Amplifier



Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials
Designator Mouser Part Number Part Description
U1 NJM386BD Audio Amplifier
D1 1N4001 Diode
J1 163-7620-E 2.1mm Power Jack
P1 STX-3120-3BM 3.5mm Phono Jack
P2 1776275-3 3P Screw Terminal
P3 1776275-2 2P Screw Terminal
R1 MF1/4LCT52R103J 10K Ohm Resistor
R2 MF1/4LCT52R122J 1.2K Ohm Resistor
R3 MF1/4DC10R0F 10 Ohm Resistor
C1 SS100M1EBK-0505P 10uF Capacitor
C2 C315C104M5U5TA 0.1uF Capacitor
C3 C315C333M5U5TA 0.033uF Capacitor
C4 SS100M1EBK-0505P 10uF Capacitor
C5 RLA221M1EBK-0811P 220uF Capacitor
C6 SS100M1EBK-0505P 10uF Capacitor
C7 C315C473M5U5TA 0.047uF Capacitor

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