Installation Guide for Bluetooth Amplifier

This guide runs through the quick steps that are required to create your own Bluetooth streaming vintage radio. Our Bluetooth amplifier keeps the wiring simple. The only required tool is a small screwdriver. Here is how it’s done.

Step 1) Secure an Old (Broken?) Tube Radio

You can find these at yard sales, flea markets, eBay, CraigsList, etc…  If you can find a good deal on a nice cabinet with dead electronics, that's perfect!  This one needs some cosmetic attention, but will make for a good demonstration.

Step 2) Gather the Required Parts

At a minimum, you’ll need the Bluetooth Amplifier, and a USB power supply.

Step 3) Choose the Right Speakers

If you cannot use the radios existing speaker, pick up a 4 ohm to 8 ohm speaker.  The Bluetooth amplifier supports a dual speaker or single speaker configuration. For this radio, I’m using an 8 ohm 5 inch speaker.

Step 4) Hook Everything Up

First attach the speaker.  Speakers are connected to the 2 pin terminals.  If using a single speaker use only the left, or only the right pin of each terminal.  This is shown in the photograph above.  The green wire is connected to the right position of the right channel, and the white wire is connected to the right position of the left channel.

Wiring dual speakers is more straight forward.  Simple wire the left speaker to the left channel terminal (on the left), and the right speaker to the right channel terminal (on the right).

Step 5) Remove Unwanted or Broken Components

None of the original electronics are required.  You can leave them inside and work around them, or you can remove them to gain some working space.  I usually remove the electronics during the install, but try to leave room to slide them back in at the end.

Step 6) Mount Electronics Inside Enclosure

Place the speaker behind the speaker grill, and either screw or use double stick foam tape to attach the amplifier.  This is all that is required for a minimal install.  In these case, you will use the volume on your media player.   If desired, by connecting a potentiometer to the center terminal of the amplifier, you may also have volume control at the radio.

The mini USB connector should be facing toward the back of the radio.  You may need to cut a notch in the back cover to allow the USB power supply to plug into the connector.


You are finished.  Now put the back cover on, and plug in the power supply.  With your Bluetooth enabled media player, search for devices.

The amplifier will identify itself as THINGYLAB-XXXX, where XXXX is a unique ID to each amplifier.  Pair with your device, and start streaming music!